Parliament set to investigate failed petroleum tax

The Australian Parliament is set to investigate the failure of the PRRT as well as the royalty regime for the North West Shelf project, following a campaign by the Tax Justice Network.  

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Oil and gas tax may raise no extra revenue for decades


Australia is in the midst of an enormous gas export boom, yet a tax meant to share the profits with the community is failing to raise any new revenue. Tax Justice Network Australia members Mark Zirnsak and Jason Ward explain why the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax is deeply flawed.

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Did you know?

For every $1 in aid to developing countries, several dollars slip out through tax dodging. That is money which should be spent building hospitals and schools.
Tax revenue enables governments to provide essential services such as health and education as well as infrastructure such as roads and transport.  Tax evasion deprives everyday people of these vital services.  In developing countries this can mean the difference between life and death.

Illegal, trade-related tax evasion alone will be responsible for some 5.6 million deaths of young children in the developing world between 2000 and 2015.  That is almost 1,000 a day.

Join the Tax Justice Network to call on the Australian Government for greater transparency on corporate tax.